ceiling hole in basement for window

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I am trying to cut a hole in the ceiling for a basement window as shown in the attached picture. But when I cut hole in the ceiling, it is cutting through the floor slab above as well. Could the experts give me a clue how to achieve it.?

basement window.JPG

view from above floor.jpg

view from basement.jpg

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6 minutes ago, ChiefuserMathews said:

Hi Joey, thank you for your reply. What does the wall have to do floor above? The hole is cutting through the floor slab

What Joey is saying, is not to use a hole, but rather create a small room on the floor above the window so that you can specify a shallower floor framing thickness.

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38 minutes ago, ChiefuserMathews said:

oh ok thank you

This same method can be helpful when you have headroom issues at a set of stairs. As shown in Joey's example, you'll only get vertical transitions. So if you want an angled transition, you'll need to make the 'room' large enough so you can get a small piece of drywall and hammer it through your screen into the Chief model...I mean use a p-solid to model the angled transition.

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