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I have a student version of chief architect x12. a windows 10 pro desktop

I haven't been able to open my layout file. Neither the last backup. this is the information I get when I try to open it. I hope someone can help me to figure out what to do. I have lots of information there.


Thank you so much 363403706_Screenshot(404).thumb.png.a16bbfc5a0818c830d57969f2925ac57.png

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My full version of X12 has just done the same thing. My plan & layout file & backups are corrupt!

Brand new computer running Windows 10, RTX3070, core i9 etc.

Just lost weeks of a client's work

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best to save to local hard drive first - then save to cloud server


do "save as" often

when working I often do "save as" every 5 minutes

certainly after finishing a task I don't want to repeat


I don't rely of Chief's auto-saves

prefer to do my own




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