Intersecting wall doorways

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Not ideal, and I typically don't recommend using this method very often, but I think the quickest and easiest solution is probably to just break the Wall Polyline in 3D somewhere in the middle of that door opening and drag the bottom so that it's up above that other opening.  Just remember you did that because the wall bottom will no longer automatically adjust for certain plan changes.

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10 hours ago, Joe_Carrick said:

FWIW, you will need to have a king post & header above the doorway to support the beam.  Check with your engineer.


Maybe that beam is supported on the other wall beyond the opening.

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13 hours ago, solver said:

A pony wall works too -- Room Divider on bottom. Use a Wall Cap to cover the exposed framing.




Thanks guys! This method meets my needs well. And yes, I always consult with an engineer for any concerns. Thanks again.

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