Nickel-gap ship-lap *wanted*


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On 12/6/2020 at 6:14 AM, StephenGreene said:

Does anyone have nickel-gap ship-lap they'd be willing to share? I'm not sure what the ship-lap is in the CA library but it's not the ship-lap i'm looking for.




I've been using the one linked below,  I made a couple of years ago for that , just resize the texture for different "gap" distances....


*** all Credit to David for the original texture in the same thread.


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5 hours ago, ACADuser said:


Robert, I do not have that texture picture file.

Am I doing something wrong when importing?


CA Texture.JPG


This can happen if you install it from the open dialog in the Browser when you download it ( and Chief isn't already open) or you drag and drop a .calibz into Chief , but I have found that the Library>Import option always works properly for me.


these are Robert's textures though if a re-import doesn't work...... placing them in the Chief Data > Textures Folder  should work , it's the 1st place Chief looks after the current plan folder I believe for missing textures.




This is the 8" Nickle Gap I use mentioned above..........


MHD_Nickle Gap 8in.calibz


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