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Saw a topic earlier today and found a pretty cool tool as a result so I thought I would share... I was searching for a seamless picture generator to make the process easier when the need arises to use a picture for a texture. I have made some seamless textures before but the process is overall pretty time consuming, especially if you don't have gimp or photoshop. Here is the base image I downloaded from Provia's Website this morning.




First I came across this website:

You upload an image, make some selections, and it spits out a seamless image. I didnt spend alot of time playing with it but The best result i got was setting the method to NO 3, Pre-Cropped to 2 pixels each side, Pre-Averaging Intensity 25, and I used the PNG-24 output option. Here is the tiled image it generated (2x2)




Not too bad for about 2 min work. If you have tried to make stone seamless you would know how inherently difficult it is.


Best option I found was a download called PixPlant. It can operate as a standalone program or can be used within photoshop (it says). It has a pretty easy to use interface and can generate options quickly. Once you have one you like, you can get into a little finer editing using some familiar tools (paint, clone, blur, flatten, and sharpen) It did take a bit longer, but the use and display of the texture tiles while editing made it pretty simple and the added bonus of being able to generate some maps was cool. This function can use a bit of work but it is something...



Here is a side by side comparison of the two stone walls generated today... imgonline on left and PixPlant on the right.






Provia - Terra Cut - Russet.calibz

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12 hours ago, mattyt12 said: another one which you can generate different maps from too

I am familiar with this one and even have it on my machine but haven't messed with it a lot. I didn't have great success with the PixPlant map generator the first time around but it was ok, It did get better on my second attempt at a stone texture and shingle texture. it seems to help to build the maps one by one vs all at once like i did the first time around...  




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3 hours ago, rlackore said:

I agree with the OP's recommendation of PixPlant, which I've been using for a bit over a year - it's a valuable tool, though with some limitations.

Do you have tips or tricks you've gained from your experience?

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19 hours ago, Lakeside-E said:

Do you have tips or tricks you've gained from your experience?


In my experience, the single most important variable is the quality of the seed image - poor quality seeds lead to poor quality results. Obvious, really. Also, I never accept the default Detail and Surface Scale values when creating the maps - adjusting the sliders can give much better results.

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4 hours ago, Chief_Content said:

These manufacturer catalogs on our 3D Library are also a great resource with a wide variety of seamless rock and stone textures:

Buechel Stone Corp.
Coronado Stone
Cultured Stone
Eldorado Stone
Quarry Mill

Thanks for your suggestion. I have all of those installed already, but most (not all) of the stone textures outside of Eldorado stone are IMHO very tiled, washed out, and artificial looking. More so, My company primarily sells Provia Heritage Stone as their price point and selection of style and color are excellent compared to others we can use. Having a clean and efficient way to create these inherently difficult textures I would most use is indispensable. 

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