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  1. cabinet doors !! Enjoy Cabinet doors.calibz
  2. I change room definition connected to deck as Living. Now is working fine.
  3. when I'm placing door. it take interior Door check another plan I attached. Deck.plan
  4. Hi I have an issue with the deck. chief considering deck as interior room Deck consider as interior room.plan
  5. it's solved !! David Michael Help me and teach me how to do it. I paid one time $ 100 for life time membership for his website pro user.
  6. this is a bug it is different material in window detail but when you try to apply material it changes both side. I attached plan check it
  7. This problem is only in box window. in regular window it is working fine.
  8. In X13 it is not allowed me to changes casing material separately for interior and exterior Box window.plan
  9. Hi Dustin, is there any way to make Hexagon tile in tile builder?
  10. 360-Backdrops.calibz
  11. http://cpetry.github.io/NormalMap-Online/
  12. http://boundingboxsoftware.com/materialize/downloads.php how to use it --
  13. Hi AMD is in the news for its new GPU Radeon Pro VII. AMD has dedicated plugins for other software. How can we get for the Chief architect? see att. pic for detail. now we can use two cards