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I am trying to create a plot plan showing the footprint of the building as per the video # 1930 (location at 10:50 min in the video). But it creates a separate cad details. I have traced over survey drawing to create a terrain perimeter and wanted to add the footprint. Does anyone know how to achieve that? I cannot insert that cad detail into my plan. Any suggestion?

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You could paste it back into your plan from the cad detail but why not just use your layers to display the actual structure just the way you want it to look ?  You can make a Room Polyline or Living Area Polyline from the exterior room if that is all you need like at the very end of the video.

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wow, perfect, thats what I was looking for living are polyline then offset to exterior wall line. Great awesome.

Instead i try to paste it from cad detail, and I couldnt do it.

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