Anyway to not show exterior wall niche in Plan View?

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The wall niche tool worked great for the exterior ornamentation of a vintage building I'm modeling, but then I discovered that the niches are adding confusion to the plan view since they draw within the window.  I tried turning off the wall niche layer, but that only removes a single line on the exterior.  It still leaves the actual wall niche void.  I realize that makes sense, as it is the same thing if you turn off the window layers, you still have the voids where the window would have been.  However, I don't want the wall niches to show on the plan view.  I feel like I need the equivalent of the 3D cross section slider to have the floor plan only show from the windows down, but I don't think there is such a thing for the plan only view.  Any suggestions?   


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I haven't really worked with parapet walls before, and was following a Chief tutorial video that had me basically make really tall third floor walls, and then do a drop down roof inside, then create a ceiling...  It was a bit confusing when I tried to get a decent roof plan.  Then I realized there was a roof access stair, so I ended up creating a fourth floor to show those walls.  It's pretty confusing, but I at least got the plans to show what I needed in the layout and the 3D view looks right.  If I did this type of thing more often, I'd take more time to figure it out, but it's all pro-bono.  So I'm fine with work-arounds in this case.  Thanks for the suggestions. 


And to Eric's question - didn't use material regions, as I needed an inset to show shadowing which is why I used wall niches.

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This is a case for an additional "Floor" that is open below.  IOW, the 1st floor is actually 2 levels.  The lower level has the windows and no ceiling.  The upper level has the niches and is open below.


You can send the lower level to Layout and the niches wont be visible.


Levels in Chief simply define a vertical section of a building.  A "Floor" can be several "Levels"

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