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I have been using Logitech G602 Programmable Mice on Windows 7 for a few years now.  I begrudgingly upgraded to Windows 10 a few days ago and now my G602's only work as a basic mouse.  I upgraded to the latest Logitech Gaming Software 9.0, like they said to do but it still only works as a basic mouse.  Says it isn't connected.  I also just bought a G604 Bluetooth mouse that you need to try and Program with their G Hub put I can't get it to recognize things like:   ctrl+alt+paste   and even ctrl+D  That G Hub software is brutal.  I'm conflicted if Logitech or Microsoft is worse.  Have you tried to open Windows 10 in Safe Mode.  Disgraceful.  Enough rambling.  Sorry.

If anyone has a solution I'd love to hear it. 

Would also love to hear of any other brand of programmable mice.  Battery operated (not rechargeable) Bluetooth preferred but wireless for sure.  I only need about 8 programmable buttons.  I seem to wear out 2-3 a year.  Usually the Copy and Paste Functions.  I even move their buttons around to extend their life.

Thanks in advance as always.

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4 hours ago, BuildingDesigner said:

Logitech G602


Sounds like the Receivers Drivers are not installed properly, check device Manager, I still use the 8.96.88 version of LGS for my G13 as there seems to be less issues than the 9.xx.xx version. The G13 is not a Mouse though....


From an Amazon Review with the same issue.... I don't know if it works as I don't have a G602.


Phenomenal mouse with Logitech's usual garbage support and instructions. ("NOT DETECTED" FIX IN THE REVIEW)

Reviewed in the United States on November 24, 2017

This is a great mouse for at this price point. It's pretty comfortable in the hand and has a good number of programmable buttons.

Now for the downside... As soon as you try to install this on a windows 8 (or higher) machine, windows will install it's own generic driver. This renders all of the extra modes and programmable buttons useless. I searched for hours for a solution. I tried different versions of the Logitech software. I read some people were doing fresh installs of windows, just to get the mouse to function, spending hours trying to find registry errors, etc... Don't bother with any of it. It's not going to work. Read on for instructions that work.

Go to the control panel>Device manager>[find your mouse]>right click>properties>update driver. When the dialog box pops up, choose "Browse My Computer For Driver Software." Then, click browse and navigate to to where the "Logitech Gaming Software" is located.
In the case of a standard install, it will be located in C:\Program Files\Logitech Gaming Software.
Finally, click next. Done! It should now be listed as Logitech Gaming Receiver in the device manager.
Open the Logitech Gaming Software. You should now be able to use all of the functions of the Mouse now
You may need to show it the Drivers Folder in the LGS Folder unless there is a checkbox for "subfolders" to check
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I kind of remember going through various bouts of agony with different driver install issues like this over the years.  Thankfully none in a long while.  It may not work for you, but I vaguely recall having to first uninstall the current driver.

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Got it.  After a couple of hours of trying different things, google, etc.  I managed to get it to work.  More by fluke. 

Just in case anyone else has the problem. 

Install the wireless key.  Go into the little window in the task bar that has the speaker settings, etc. and click on the Logitech Gaming Symbol.  It will bring up the larger Logitech Gaming Software on the screen but it will say that nothing is connected.  Way down on the bottom right corner there is a large blue question mark.  Click on it and a pop up menu comes up and it will give you Driver Updates.  Click on it and install the new update.  Restart the computer.  Almost there.  Now you have to pull out the little wireless USB thing and plug it back in before it works.  All the old programmed button settings are there and working fine.

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Good Post,  I have just started working with a G602 and like the shape but dont use the other buttons as much as I should.  I bought the 55" monitor and at first there was intolerable lag, It's better now but looking to make it perfect.  Glad to hear that you got the mouse to work.  I'm hoping to get more out of mine over time.





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