Attic wall changes with build roof command


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Hi, I have done some manual changes to the roof. And I want to add a porch roof to the entry. When I choose to build roof and retain my manual changes, it then changes my attic wall over the garage by lowering the top of wall and changing its formation. I have attached before and after pics (PNG & PDF) and the CA file in X12. Please let me know if you have any question that may help you help me.


Thank you

Attic wall changes with build roof command_4.22.20 2.PNG

Attic wall changes with build roof command_4.22.20.pdf

Project 2.plan

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2 minutes ago, rectordesign7 said:

it then changes my attic wall over the garage by lowering the top of wall and changing its formation.


Your image shows framing, not a wall. What is "formation"?


What's in the PDF? Could you post it as an image?

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That's a tricky one.  I think Chief just sees that area as needing a roof plane for some odd reason.  So it builds an extra little plane which cuts your wall off.  You may have checked both Retain Manually Drawn Roof Planes and Retained Edited Automatic Roof Planes, but that is neither an edited auto roof nor a manually drawn plane.  Chief simply sees it as a missing plane.  I say just delete the extra little roof plane or draw the entry roof manually.  I would personally just do the latter.

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41 minutes ago, rectordesign7 said:

Thank you everybody. It was the small roof plan that is circled in red that automatically continued pass that front wall. I was going to cute/paste after I re-build the roof but i was just able to delete the extra roof and that solved the problem.

Rectordesign7... lovely garage roof, but just a heads-up in case you're not aware, the shingles at the top of your curved roof will not meet the min. slope requirement for shingles (2:12 min).  You'll need to address that with some non-shingled sheet material at the top in a call-out or a detail.

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Thank you for the comment. Interesting, I didn't think about that for a curved roof. Personally I don't like them. But I am going through one of CA online training tutorials to learn the program. I am seeing what areas I need to work on and what new things I can learn.

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