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  1. Thank you for the response. So if I change the line weight other than 1 it will show wall hatching?
  2. Hi, I am wondering how to get my wall hatch to show when I pdf the plan set? It shows on the drawing but after plotting pdf, it does not show. Thank you
  3. DzinEye Thank you for the comment. Interesting, I didn't think about that for a curved roof. Personally I don't like them. But I am going through one of CA online training tutorials to learn the program. I am seeing what areas I need to work on and what new things I can learn.
  4. Thank you everybody. It was the small roof plan that is circled in red that automatically continued pass that front wall. I was going to cute/paste after I re-build the roof but i was just able to delete the extra roof and that solved the problem.
  5. Okay, I will try them both to see if one or both work. But I will continue in the morning. Got to get up early. I will keep you updated. Thank you
  6. Yes, I redrew the wall 1' off of the original wall and went through the same steps and it did the same thing.
  7. I meant wall framing. formation was the wall was at first as it should be arched as it sloped under the curved roof. And when I went to build roof it became a different shape.
  8. Hi, I have done some manual changes to the roof. And I want to add a porch roof to the entry. When I choose to build roof and retain my manual changes, it then changes my attic wall over the garage by lowering the top of wall and changing its formation. I have attached before and after pics (PNG & PDF) and the CA file in X12. Please let me know if you have any question that may help you help me. Thank you Attic wall changes with build roof command_4.22.20.pdf Project 2.plan
  9. It worked. Why having "auto rebuild roof" on worked? What if I was in a situation where I did do some manual roof modifications and ran into this problem? Sorry to asked so many questions, I just really want to learn CA and apply it to all my projects. Thank you
  10. Hi, I aligned both deck walls to the room wall and the roof went crazy. I checked my walls and the properties seem to be good. Would you know what happened? Roof Issue X12 - 2.plan
  11. Awesome, I will try it now. Its always the simple things. Thank you
  12. Thanks Attached is the plan file and it is X12. No, the room is not defined. Roof Issue X12.plan
  13. Hi, I am going through a tutorial on CA training videos (Focus -Creating a split level home) and following the instructions I created a roof but the gable end created an unwanted gable overhang. I cannot figure out why. Can anyone help me figure out why it is doing this and how to get rid of it? Thank you