Changing ceiling heights in all rooms on a floor at the same time.


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Happy quarantine everybody!


I know it is there some where, but can't find how to change the ceiling heights for all the rooms on a floor at once.   Working on a project an the client removed a bearing wall on the first floor, which changed the second floor framing from 11 7/8" to 14".  This messed up the first floor ceiling height.  To correct this, I had to go into each room on the second floor and edit the ceiling height above absolute.  I am confident there is an easier way, but searched for 15min (I know short attention span) and couldn't find the answer.


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Make sure default settings are correct relative to your intention and then verify those settings in a single Room Specification dialog, then while that verified room is still selected, look for, in the "Edit Toolbar" an icon that has three connected orbs (tool tip says: "Match Properties"), then with the "Apply Properties" tool you "left-click" in any rooms that are not highlighted. The Match Properties dialog and apply properties tools will allow MANY different settings to be shared per floor.


There is also a "Reset to Defaults" command under the "File" menu that you can use once you have verified Default settings are correct for your purposes.



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