12x floor referenced in layout view

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Another 12x problem where I could use some help. Seems to be a problem with identifying the floor that is being referenced in the layout.  Anyone have the solution?


This is whatI want and what I sent to the layout:



This is what the layout shows it received


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Solved it.




and change floor level


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Sometimes it helps to use a macro that says what floor level you are looking at in the view.  



It will look something like this



And then placing the text box in a room will look like this




(except for the red rectangle that I added for clarity.


Then when you send the floor plan to the layout, you can instantly see what floor is being displayed.

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The easiest way to see what your layout view is actually using is to open up the Layout Box Specification dialog.  On the plan view panel, you will be able to tell if your layout box is linked to a saved plan view or not.  If your layout box is linked to a saved plan view, any change to that saved plan view will also change your layout view.  If your layout box is not linked to a saved plan view, then changes in your plan view will not be reflected in your layout.  See picture below.


From your "solved it" post, it looks like your layout box is linked to a saved plan view.  If your layout box was not linked to a saved plan view, then changing the reference display in the plan view would not affect the layout view.  This also means that you should be careful that don't send multiple plan views to the layout that are linked to the same saved plan view.  For more information about saved plan views, you might want to check out this video:




Also, if you are using reference display as part of your construction documents, I would recommend that you turn off the XOR display.  For some more information about the reference display settings, you should read my post in this thread:




layout box specification.png

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