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Hi, Has anyone had any luck getting a free 3D model to import into X11 for a Auto Repair 2 post Lift? I have looked at "Rotary" lifts as a brand and they have some cad drawings but not any 3D models . I would like to put a few lifts in a 60'x120' building I am laying out for someone. I am still learning, what format can i import into Chief? I have a basic overlead hoist in my library now but was hoping to get a more detailed model.



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Not a two poster but there is a four poster in the chief catalog that is Garage and accessories.  here is a pic of it.


BTW it's hard to let you know the best way to proceed if you don't have your signature setup.  you say posting into x11 so that helps.  But alot of the guys who are super helpful will pass on by your posting if they don't see that quickly in your signature along with some system specs.  They are super generous with their time but it is also limited so that they don't want or have time to ask for your specifics in order to lend a helping hand.


Hope this helps somewhat.

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Found one here. Its a SketchUp skp file.  I was able to import it into X-11 without much fuss.  



I also found this one on 3D Warehouse as @solver had mentioned.  Just did a quick search for 2 post automotive lift.  This one imported nicer than the first one listed above. Also a SketchUp skp file.


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