Framing Question Trusses & Rafters

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I have a plan with trusses & want to build Deadwood at top of truss & ledgers at the bottom of the truss. See attached

I can not use "Hang Floor Platform" on the wall at this time.

So do I need to add the framing member that attaches to the CMU wall by hand or is there a way to auto-generate?

Below is what is generated when I use "Build Roof Framing". I suppose I could drag the rafters down to the ledger position.

BTW I can not post the plan at this time.




CA Framing.JPG

CA Framing 2.JPG

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I think that is actually Chief's "Ridge" , so you could perhaps not build it ( 0"x 0")  and just place a Ceiling Beam manually, the rest is as you've been doing / Gene mentioned I think. 

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