Long shot Question on old Version X1

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I have an old version (X1) that i have recently loaded on a laptop and am unable to get the Raytrace to work.

It just loads up with white screen with text below "Raytrace Queued" and that's about it. Chief works just fine. The laptop is running Windows 7.

Just checking to see if anyone can remember having this issue in the past and if there was a fix.



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I rarely use my copy of X1 (the main reason I have versions 9-21 is to be able to service those who still use older versions). Ray Tracing is dependent upon the speed of your CPU and RAM. Are you using a laptop or a desktop?



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in the older versions Chief used a 3rd party vendor software for Raytracing

I don't remember the name


I don't remember when Chief went to using its own internal raytracing "engine"


if X1 was using the older 3rd party software maybe that isn't available anymore ?


Is anyone still using ver 9.5 or ver 10 for raytracing as they used the 3rd party software 



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