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Hello and happy thanksgiving to all!


I know now that roof definition is important and that it enables control and input for many different elements in a room.  I have created a fairly well developed plan but now I need to select this space above a garage and I am not able to select the floor as the room seems not to be defined.  How do I diagnose the problem?  Yes, I am reading through all of the reference info while I search for the answer.



Thank you,



room definition.png

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Hi Hammer7:


yes, you should check out the Hometalk forum as it is dedicated to the HD products


However, since HD PRO has many of the manuel features that Chief Premier has it can be beneficial to follow the Chieftalk forum as well


Just be aware that some solutions that apply to Chief Premier may not apply to HD PRO


if asking questions - its best to state that you are using HD PRO



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Thank you, making some progress but still searching for ways to keep my drawings stable.  I tried to add a door and move some things around on the inside of this room and did not like it so I clicked undo to revert back and now this door is out of position and the floor has dropped.  When I correct the measurement it keeps reverting back tot he unwanted change....?  Any recommendations?

room and door.png

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