Layout Automatically Updating?

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I finished a layout and decided later that I want to show a reference layer showing existing conditions underneath the proposed plan.  My layout will not automatically update and the DBX is grayed out.  I did not send over from layout as an image - it should be live.  Why isn't it updating?  Thanks.



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42 minutes ago, kwhitt said:

Why isn't it updating?  Thanks.

By adding a reference layer you have modified the saved plan view "Working Plan View." You will either need to save the plan view or if you switch to a different saved plan view CA will prompt you with a dialogue on whether you would like to save the modified plan view.

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You should probably not send the Working Plan View to layout.  Not unless you want to have to unlink every layout box afterwards.


Generally, it is better to create new saved plan views for every unique view you want to send.


More information about saved plan views can be found here:


And some more general information can be found here:


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