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Does Chief automatically build downspouts for gutters? I am not finding anything in options to turn them on only gutters alone. I would have expected this to be an obvious option to turn on and off just like gutters, frieze boards, etc. because of the fact that houses generally have least we do here in Tennessee. 

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14 minutes ago, solver said:


No -- how would it know where to place them?



Same way CA  auto-generates cabinet/ drawer knobs to be placed in a general location to a cabinet/drawer. Then you have an option to adjust that downspout position. Maybe it auto-generates one on each gutter. Doesn't matter if it is in a dump spot like in the middle of gutter...right in front of a window. Just give me and to the option to turn off or on, move it to the left or right end of the gutter. I don't think that would be too hard to do. 

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9 hours ago, Chopsaw said:

There is a lot that could be improved with down spouts.  Might be a good one to post in Suggestions.




I don't see why downspouts can't be made parametric. CA knows where the corners of the building are, it should able to place one "x" distance from the corner of each eave wall, or other settings as may be appropriate. Then we could delete or add them manually as necessary.

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