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  1. When I am in working plan view and select the stairs , there is no add break tool at the bottom of my screen like I typically have. I use Add break tool a lot. Now, there is a a different looking add breakline tool symbol that looks like steps but this does nothing but add a visual breakline but does not allow me to adjust the steps. I have never seen the "Add Complete" Break tool that is a new one for me. What you are saying sounds so simple but again when I select the stairs, where I usually see my break tool that looks like the symbol you show, its not there. Can you show me what your screen looks like when you select the steps please?
  2. I am really struggling to make this work and need some help. The first pic is what I want...the second pic is what I get. Is there a command that I can use in the step dialog box that will automatically make my steps do what I am seeking here? What I have done has lots of individual components I had to create and its getting out of hand. There has to be a simplified way to do this. It would be nice if there was a breakline option in the working plan view so that I could just stretch the portion of the steps behind the wall over a bit to make that section of steps disappear, but there is not. The breakline in the interior Staircase spec. Dialog box is only to show a breakline in final construction drawings ( that's not the type of breakline I'm looking for). I want to actually BREAK the steps and stretch just the section I need out of sight. I got a gut feeling I'm wasting my time and there is a proper way to do all this.
  3. Okay this is what I did and it worked perfectly! I created a soffit. Then I sized it to the thickness to match the existing window lintel. then added the crown I wanted from my library to said soffit. A few stretches here and there and placing it off the floor and against the wall over the window like I need and its done!
  4. These are windows in my kitchen. I am making an exact model of my house as practice. I have run into a problem here. I need to place crown molding on my window interior header trim to match the cabinet crown. I drew the crown I am wanting to use in Plan view and raised it off the floor to close to the position I need (I will fine tune position later) and I see it in camera view upside down (see attached named CROWN ISSUE) I want to make an object out of a piece of crown that I can resize as I want and place anywhere I want but I don't know if this can be down. Any suggestion would be great. With step by step instructions a huge applause! Thanks.
  5. I have been working with Twinmotion with my CA models but I have become frustrated in locating screen material to apply to my porch. Not sure where it is in Twinmotion or how to create it. I can apply any material to the surface of the "screen" that was imported from CA but there is no actual transparent screen in Twinmotion or Sketch fab. I have a screen porch that I would like to make the screen surface look real in my model (which means being able to see through the screen) but like I said there seems to be zero screen material to use. I need help please
  6. Hi, Is there a way to import a completed house plan drawn in CA into a different plan drawn in CA. I have a new barn I would like to position next to a house I drew a while back. In my experience thus far, I find myself having to copy and paste parts of the project and put it back together in the other plan.file. I don't want to do this...I just want to somehow grab the whole structure down to the paint color with no changes, and transport it in its completed form into the plan.file in which I have the other structure already drawn. This seams like a simple thing CA should have provided a solution for and I'm sure there is a way but I have not discovered it yet. Any clarification or help on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  7. Is there a way to rotate the entire plan? Terrain as well... Not flip or mirror a plan rotate it. Specifically, 45 degrees. And hopefully with out watching my house fall apart.
  8. Okay great! I will do this. Thanks
  9. I can't get any round window of mine to show lites. What's the deal. Trying to make a 4 lite grid in a 20" window. I have used predefined windows and even started out with a basic window added my lites and changed it to a circle window and the lites disappear! Doesn't matter what size I make my window either.
  10. That looks awesome! Are there any tricks or things I need to make sure my CA plan needs to have done to it prior in order to import into TM so nothing disappears or changes? Also what are you saving your CA plan as so you can import to TM?
  11. Hmmm...I can't get it to work. Says invalid path when its uploaded into CA library and will not apply to my drawing. What am I doing wrong here?
  12. Hi I just came across this thread and saw you mentioned trying Twinmotion2020 So is this something that is compatible with ChiefArchitect? I need more realistic grass If I use TwinMotion are there steps to take what ever I create in this program, like converting it to a file that CA will accecpt? Thanks!
  13. The attached Grass.calibz link when downloaded and then uploaded into CA will not open. It says it has an invalid path when you open object. How do I get this grass into my library?
  14. Yep, I'm blind as a bat! LOL This is why my wife gets mad at me for not finding things right under my nose...Thanks
  15. How do I lower a deck 4inches. I need the deck to be lower than the inside finish floor. I created a room with railing, defined as deck and it still is at the same level as the finish floor of the house. This is typically not the way decks are framed. I have opened about ever dialog box I can find regarding this deck and nothing seems to allow me to lower the finish floor in relation to the house. I have found I can raise the ceiling. Not what I need....Please help
  16. I'm not following what you mean by changing the template. How do I do this?
  17. Is there any way to get the exterior soffits to NOT match the interior ceiling. I want the interior to be different than the default soffit material but it changes the soffit too. I run into this ALL the time regardless if it is vaulted or flat ceilings. I will say this screen porch roof has been manually adjusted down to fit the situation on this remodel project. In other words it is not matching any floor level. It is set on invisible walls because I had to create my own screen walls (not using half walls but all made with polyline solids). Again, because this finish floor deck has been also manually dropped to fit the situation needed. Not sure if this is my issue but this soffit issue has happened multiple times on other projects even when the floor levels and roof have not been adjusted. Thoughts? Really getting tired of spending the time to manually covering surfaces to hide things I do not like.