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4 hours ago, dskogg said:

I need some help, my laptop has changed to the on board video card, how do i switch it back so chief uses my nvidia gtx1060



card status.JPG

You set it in the nVidia control panel, manage 3D settings, programs. Select the Chief exe file by navigating to it.


With the advent of Optimus on laptops Chief doesn't always display that correctly; I think because Windows reports the Intel card. Also usually some of the ports for external monitors, maybe even all of them, will use the Intel card regardless of what you try.

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Some laptops also have an Option to set the Nvidia Card as the Preferred Graphics Card which may have gotten reset when the new Intel Driver got installed. Note that this can have effects on battery life when going mobile or Onsite.


Windows/Nvidia do not see Chief as a 3D application , so doing what Mark suggest above is also a good idea.



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