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37 minutes ago, BillsburgChief said:

I know I have come across this somewhere, but can't recall where.  My question is, does anyone know where you can see what code is being referenced and how can you change it?

Maybe a good question, I would venture a guess of a combination of outdated IRC,IBC ,IMC etc. with some mid-west local adaptation. The program is BIM based only.

Only way to change it is modify it yourself and Save-as/add to library.

My defaults are all built around CRC and local adaptation of the code. 

As some wise men have eluded to before, if it didn't require us to put in the time, we wouldn't be all that valuable.

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if you are referring to the IRC and IBC codes


then the reply would be none that is officially referenced

hence there is no way to change it


Chief is based on "generic" code


to be clear: the codes can vary state by state - locality by locality - also international


for example VA is probably using the 2018 codes - however, each county and even some towns have added modifications

either adding to or removing some sections of the code





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The "Plan Check" tool isn't a "Code Check".  It flags a lot of things that have nothing to do with building codes.

  • Wall alignment floor to floor
  • Telephone Outlets
  • Television Jacks
  • Wall Layers - inside vs outside
  • etc.

Have you noticed that handrails and guardrails are not required for stairs in some countries?

Even in California there are many residences that don't comply with current codes:

  • Railing Heights
  • Baluster Spacing
  • Egress Windows
  • Insulation
  • etc.

The codes evolve and older structures are simply ignored even when a home is remodeled or sold it's not required to meet current codes.

The best thing is to know the codes you need to comply with and make sure you design to those standards.


The "Plan Check" tool isn't a "Code Check".

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