Measuring wall heights in 3d view


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A little more background information would possibly be helpful as chief does not make this easy.


In a 3D view you could select the wall and use the "Calculate Materials from Selected" tool to find the height value, or just use the Z readout from your cursor position if it is just a quick estimate. Or if you have a defined room you can take a look in the room DBX.


It would be nice to see it in the wall DBX but it is not there.


Ideally you would open an elevation view and select the wall to see the temporary dimension and use that to make an adjustment if necessary.

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Thank you for the information. 


Seems odd that a higher end program like this doesn't have a 'live' 3d view dimension tool.  Solidworks and  Sketchup both have it,


My way of 'measuring' is to put a slab object on the floor near the wall and set it's height to what I want the wall to be, mostly on interior walls intersecting gable walls.

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