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Are you talking about a material list or a framing schedule? - you mention both.

You can change the units on a line by line basis in a material list by double clicking the line item in the Count column.

On the right of the popup there is a drop down list of possible units available.

Select the one you want.

There are also formatting options available.

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If it is a framing schedule you are using it can be accomplished with a custom macro placed in the label of the framing member and reported in the Schedule.  It is a bit of work and there might be a simpler way but it will work.  You can then edit the Label column name to say what you like.


Framing Schedule in Feet and Inches.jpg

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1) In the material list .. you have four options: buy list, cut list, linear length and Mix reporting.

Make sure you chose the right one.


2) Next check Tools> Materials List> Structural Member Reporting

In some circumstances you may want to define 22' for buy list ... because the software stops at 20'.


3) Right click on this object and select find object on the plan.

Check the dimensions. It is easy to improperly set the width like for 2x4 specify 2"x4" instead of 1.5x3.5 or screw up the width if you adjust the window wall framing, mistakenly widen a member to like 2.1" when you move it. I one time had a cripple mistakenly reported wrong .5" depth.


I do not know if you can trust this software because some walls are really screwy. Like a gable instead of 2', 3', 4' ft sides and 9' centers software frames with two walls: 6' wall section and top is framed with 3'. Even with simple walls they could be oddly framed ( and I am religious about default wall top and bottom)... Would like to know if anyone used chief reporting for ordering the framing mat real house.

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