Wall Layer for exterior only walls?


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You'll have to deal with that in custom Layer Sets - both 3D View Layer Sets and Plan View Layer Sets.

Notice that the 3D Framing Overview uses a Layer Set that doesn't display any Exterior or Interior Walls.  You might want to study what Layers are not displayed in that compared to the Full 3D Camera. 


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3 hours ago, ACADuser said:

I want to be able to show exterior walls only in some plan & 3D views.

Do I need the main wall layer only to be different or will there be other issues with all the other wall related layers?


If you put the interior walls on a unique layer...such as "Wallls, Normal - INTERIOR" you can turn them off or on as needed.  Or...do the same with the exterior walls...just put them on a unique layer that you can control.  In the attached "perspective floor overview" pictures...you see the standard view and then the view after I have turned off the interior wall layer, doors, windows and moldings. Not the greatest view...leaves holes in the floor and wall surfaces.  


Just an idea...good luck.


2019-06-12_16-20-04.thumb.png.8e54c4bb326ac1d444d85ce74c8346eb.png   2019-06-12_16-19-24.thumb.png.54efb9e96e016e312333a48b82d0848c.png

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Thanks, fellas.

I see that My new layer Walls Normal Exterior works in 3D view.

You pay a penalty by losing windows & door which is ok in my case.

I'm see railing wall & attic walls also need to be changed. Hopefully, attic walls will not get me into trouble.


Out of time here but will continue later tonight.


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