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I installed X11 about a week ago and everything seemed fine - until today. When logging on I got a message that my video card could not handle advanced lighting techniques (I think?) and now my perspective full overviews are messed up. The thing is, it's been fine until now. Did I inadvertently change something in the settings?


3D Issues.jpg

3D Issue 2.jpg

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I would suggest looking into the Nvidia Drivers , looks like you have an older laptop and Nvidia 296.88 is several years old ( current is 430.86) and there have been issues with older Nvidia Drivers.


Not sure what Nvidia Card you have though from your Signature?.


It's also possible that X11 didn't switch the GPU to the Nvidia Card ( Optimus) and that you are actually using the built in Intel GPU , the Render TAB in Preferences should tell you that.





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