Wall problem on second floor


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I'm having a problem getting the exterior wall to build correctly on the second floor.  It appears it's related to a first floor wall, as the material finish changes to align below.

Could this be a platform build issue?  Greatly appreciate some help.   This plan is a work in progress, so please ignore the other problems.   Thanks, Brian.

Bent creek 9.plan

front problem.JPG

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Not sure if the room to the right of the bathroom on the second floor is supposed to be a full 96 inch high room or an attic. You need start on the second floor name the rooms and set room ceiling heights and floor heights then the floor framing defaults then go to the first floor and check the room ceiling heights. I saw in the structure tab you had some floor framing at 18" and some as something else.  Get floors and ceiling correct then you can start on correcting the roof.

Not sure what your intentions are so that is as far as I can go. A wall from the first floor was generating an attic wall that was conflicting with the wall on the second floor that was your first concern.

Hope this gives you some help'

Have a great week ,Ken

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Thanks for your response.  So all you did was rebuild the front dormer wall?  As in delete and redraw?  Sometimes Chief gets confused - particularly on complicated two-stories.  The automatic walls sometimes put themselves in odd places.


I very much appreciate your effort and that of all of the other respondents.  




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