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  1. This works for me - thank you! This is my first experience putting together a schedule and I had a feeling there was an easier way but wasn't sure how.
  2. I used a Chief manufacturer catalog symbol in my plan, but symbol showed up on furniture schedule (F01). Exported/imported as 3DS symbol so I could assign it to cabinet category. That worked in so far as symbol now shows up in cabinet schedule (C01) which is what I want. I then added a drop in sink which showed up in the correct fixture schedule (A01) but is using the object information from the base cabinet object. I figured out a work around (custom countertop w/ hole, then add sink w/ special placement option set to "none" rather than "insert into countertop") but I'm new to Chief and
  3. Brian, Not sure what Chief's problem was but "fixed" by rebuilding the bedroom 12'3" front wall with the window. Attaching my modified plan (which should look exactly like the original minus the rendering issue). Bent creek 9-braneks.plan
  4. Here is the one I created. I used a Kraftmaid front for the drawer style. BaseCorner.calibz
  5. I may be missing something but If you're just trying to go for a look why not use the Chief core catalogs' corner base cabinet and customize the front face?
  6. Apologize for bump this up but I thought everything was OK after starting over and using the Build Roof functionality but they aren't. I may still be doing something wrong but after much trial and error I think CA has some problem with certain combination of pitches. Attached is a simple plan, from scratch plan this time, and pictures of the issue (which is the same as before). I tried all combinations of pitches and found the only one where rafters extend below eaves is when the breezeway (laundry/pantry) hip walls are set to 8 while the garage walls are set to 10. All oth
  7. Thanks for the list and I never noticed the default checks were there either (probably because they are normally grayed out). I've already made some good progress using only auto roof. I'm not done but it certainly isn't the hot mess I started with. Thanks again for the help - much appreciated.
  8. Thanks for taking a look - agree lots of things wrong with the plan I posted and it didn't help I tried to gut my plan to create a simple example. I've only been using CA for ~2 months so I am going to start over knowing what I know now. The reason the porch floor is down 8" is because I want the brick band on the outside to be even. Otherwise the siding and brick don't align where the porch meets the house frame. The only way I could think to "fix" this is by lowering the porch floor, and effectively creating a step into the house, is there some other way to do this? Note: 8
  9. Thank you!! Sometime I accidentally move things when looking in 3D and could never figure out how to reset them. Up till now I just start redrawing things until the error goes away. Also I'm aware of the 'no room' definition and how to fix but wasn't aware of the issues with attic definition - could have been one of my original problems. Yes please don't spend more time on this plan as it's not the final, and the one I have has changed so much from where I started I'm literally going reset and start over. Normally wouldn't do that but in this case I have so much of the interi
  10. Thanks - I had to pull down the plan I posted to see this as it wasn't in my local plan. I don't know what it is but probably left over from trying to take the actual plan and creating one to post. I see a few other issues w/ the plan I posted like there should be no holes in the kitchen/master bath ceilings. Lesson learned - next time I will take a closer look at the example plan before posting, or better yet create new plan - sorry about that. As for the auto roof build settings - all I can say is !@#$. I've been so focused on the object specifications that I failed to tho
  11. Chopsaw and Kbird1, Thanks for taking the time to look at it. I'm sure there is more weirdness in the plan :-( - in fact I ran into this trying to clean things up, plus I had just watched nsestor's videos on porch wall/columns and thought crap I didn't do that "right". I do tend to use auto roofs but the roofs for the main house were a hot mess when I did that initially (the ones in the posted plan aren't setup correct) and figured it would be easier to just draw them manually. Also I was trying to get all the roof eaves the same length and AFAIK auto roofs won't do that (?).
  12. Eric, Not sure what you want to see but here are a few showing one valley exhibiting the issue - note the valley on the other side of the porch is fine. It could just be how CA works but I only have 3 valleys like this and the rest are as expected. There was a fourth valley with this issue but somehow the combination of adjusting overhangs, aligning roof planes/walls to the 1/100th of an inch etc. resulted in the problem going away - and doing the same for these three hasn't work. I could create a custom rafter tail but given the others are fine I would like to know for sure it's CA
  13. Any idea why CA won't cut the valley rafters which are hanging below the fascia? Admittedly I'm new to CA, have 0 CAD background, and little construction experience but I spent the night at a Holiday Inn :-), examined/tweaked every roofing setting I can find, watched as many videos as possible in my free time, and read as much help as I can w/o much luck. I am sure it's me but no idea how to fix. Also I know if I box the eaves the rafters are cut but I don't want to box them. BTW I also want to say thanks to everyone who posts here. I can't tell you how helpful/insightful re