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35 minutes ago, Bdc2009 said:

In order to add a wall between the two roof planes, do i need to build on the attic floor and randomly place is until i am in the right spot, or is there a simpler way?

Screenshot (7).png


Hitting F9 for the Reference Layer may help?    especially if you draw a wall on level 1 1st , it will snap to it , and can be deleted later,


.... at least that's what I'd try 1st......if I had the Plan.....



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1 hour ago, BrownTiger said:

Your lower roof plane probably needs to be pulled back so it does not intersect this attic wall.


I was wondering why Chief hadn't made an Auto Attic wall , it could be that is all it is...

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You don't need to add a wall, you need to "fix" the one that's already there over the porch.


Sometimes pulling the lower roof plane back an inch or so away from the wall works, sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes you have to go to the attic level and drag that gable wall to make it longer, and sometimes you have to take an elevation of the attic wall and adjust its polyline. Those can be cantankerous.


Sometimes they fix themselves. Like magic. Or, more like sorcery...


Edit: just looked again and saw you don't even have a partial gable wall over the porch. There's some reason it's not automatically building a gable wall. Do you have Auto Rebuild roofs on? Do you have your railing set post to beam? Do you have Auto Rebuild Attic Walls checked in Defaults > General Wall?


It also looks like you have Flat Ceiling UNchecked in the porch room's structure tab.

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