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I need the new carport to look like 4189 open with beams and wood slate ceiling. I cannot get it to look like that image! it is like carport image now. I need it open on front with cross beams like image 4189. using chief 11. anyhelp would be appreciated.





Newell Cheatheam 




carport pic.jpg

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8 minutes ago, Chopsaw said:

Delete the attic gable wall and put some p-solids in to suit.

Exactly. And if you have a hard time removing the attic wall then make it invisible or turn off auto attic walls and delete it. P-solids would make it easy. Fairly easy carport. I've done this so many times for carports and porches.

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If the cross angle supports are separate from the vertical members then you should be able to select them in plan view and move them. These items are probably at the attic level or a floor up. Probably even be able to do a point to point move.

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      Thanks in advance.
      Newell Cheatheam
      Chief 12 

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