Drawing walls with stepped thicknesses


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I just started on a project where I will be tracing over an existing floor plan. The house has several areas where the walls

have stepped thicknesses. I am not sure how to do this in Chief. I am also having trouble where 2 wall come together at a

45 degree angle. The corner of these walls come together with a 4" flat end. Chief wants to make this a sharp corner. How

do I get a flat end of these 2 walls. I have included a snap shot of the floor plan and have circled the areas I am talking about.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.





Floor Plan Sent To Chieftalk.jpg

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As far as the extra thick wall, what I did was to create a new wall type in the dbx, framed and drywall on both sides, with the gap you are needing.  Might be a little PITA for the different areas you have, but this worked pretty well, and it framed like the builder wanted.


Re: the 45's, you just have to keep playing with it.  You might have to put in 12" flat section then an angle piece...  if that takes, throw a dim on the flat and just keep widdling it down till you know you can't anymore.  At least that's what I just did.  Just be thankful your not using a pony wall here, CHIEF's pony and railing walls don't work the greatest.   

double wall.JPG

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