Edge of concrete showing on interior canara view


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I am working on a project that the living room is 12" lower than the entry. When I do a 3D view looking from the living room towards the raised entry it shows the edge of the concrete slab.

It should be showing drywall. The baseboard shows correctly. Above the base board shows gray concrete. Does anyone know how to correct this ?


Thanks,  Mike 

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I assume that you want the drywall to extend down and cover the face of the concrete step?

You can do this by setting the Brick Ledge depth to 12" in the Wall Type Definitions dbx.

The problem is that the baseboard builds hard up against the concrete and not the wall lining.

So you would then need to do the skirting manually with a molding polyline.


New Image_173.jpg


New Image_174.jpg


I would never build it like that.

I would always take the wall down to the lower slab to allow for any adjustments to irregularities in the concrete pour.

Like this:



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