Can this roof section be automatically done?


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10 minutes ago, rockyshepheard said:

I am struggling with this hip roof that is in line with the edge of the overhang. please see image.

Must I do this manually or is there a way to do this automatically? I've tried many ways to do it manually.

Can some roof guru please assist?

Many thanks!

how to.jpg


Maybe with invisible walls?


But if you want help , you'll need to post the plan , add the .plan file to a post , just make sure it isn't open in Chief when you do it as Chief locks the file. If the File is over 25mb you can try Zipping it 1st before posting.


Note: the posted Image is very hard to see any details on due to size and Colours used.


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Yes, can be done with invisible walls as Mick says.

The trick is to know where to place the walls and what to do next.

Place the invisible walls to define the area of your raised roof - ignore the walls you have already drawn to define your rooms.

Raise the ceiling height of the rooms defined by your invisible walls and your real walls.

One critical thing is the placement of the invisible wall that defines how far back the raised ceiling heights go.

It needs to be back at least as far as where the side invisible walls meet the valleys.

Have a play and you will see what I mean

Leave auto roofs and split screen on as you do this and you will see the effects as you change things.



New Image_163.jpg

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You probably need to make the entry porch a room with an invisible wall across the front.

You don't need the invisible walls if there are normal walls there to define the area of the raised roof.

My pictures are just generic to indicate the method.

In this pic, the ceiling height of the porch and the room defined by invisible walls just inside the porch are higher than the rest of the house.

Once again, the important thing is how far back you place the rear invisible wall - or the rear wall of the porch if you don't need the invisible walls inside the house.

If you still can't get it, post the plan and I will show you how to do it.

New Image_166.jpg

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