Roof Overhang Question


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Add a dummy floor and use it as the roof (No Roof over this Room) ;).  Walls of that floor should be either very low solid railing walls as a parapet or ??????


You can extend the dummy floor out to make the desired cantilever and frame with Floor Trusses.


Detailing and Notes can handle the roof slope.

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I am hoping that a workaround like Joe is suggesting is not really necessary as something like this should work.


It seems that there are roof trusses in that attached plan file.  What exactly is the part that does not build properly?  If is just the part you circled in red  that is not properly trimming to the soffit then I think that is just a matter of manually adjusting the truss envelope one way or another and sending in a bug report.  Let me know and maybe I can help.  If the engineer says it can be done then you should be able to draw it with Chief.

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Just now, Chopsaw said:

I guess you never have to worry about snow load but you can edit in the truss detail and beef up the overhang and then all 17 will be done at once.


No snow in St Pete Beach, FL  :)


Finding the method of dragging the truss envelope in a section view better than truss profile view.


Off to dinner.




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3 minutes ago, ACADuser said:

I guess I'm trying to figure out how to deal with this missing section & having the trusses build automatically like I modified them.


Slip a truss base in under the overhang and you have what you are showing automatically. 


Truss Base Overhang.JPG

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