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3 hours ago, Kbird1 said:

Read Reviews of the Particular Model you like and look for heat Issues in particular , the new 8th gen 8750H in particular needs good cooling and so far in my search MSI is doing best with their current 8th gen models.



Good Call! Found this one in the price range and reviews say it handles the heat well.

It's also 1/2 pound lighter than any of the others Kbird1. 

Think I'll give it a whirl.

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Sure I'll let you buy me one Thanks  :)


The Stealth Series is a "thin" laptop , so heat should be investigated to be sure ...have you checked on NoteBook Review's Forums under MSI ?


The P65 Series is the "non-gamer" version of this laptop if you prefer the Professional "look" but the Price may also adjust , I am not sure.....


edit: *** maybe a BB exclusive model?  not much info out there yet



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24 minutes ago, Toby-PKBLDR said:

There were a lot of reviews on BB and they were universally positive. 


That was why I thought it maybe a BB exclusive? BB and NewEgg both have models you can't get elsewhere...


check the 2 star reviews too !


Please let me know how you like it etc , that would be helpful....

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On 10/18/2018 at 1:23 AM, Toby-PKBLDR said:

There were a lot of reviews on BB and they were universally positive. 

What did you end up getting?  

I am currently in the market to buy a laptop as well, and it's been a head bang...the msi stealth is professional looking and light, has both the 1060 and 1070 versions...also the new asus rog zephyrus looks solid, and powerful...Thing is I haven't worked on a laptop in ages, so I would be curious to hear some opinions of people who own a 1060 laptop, and a big is the difference when it comes to pbr rendering, seeing as I am pbr all the way now, and its all gpu based, I don't do ray tracing anymore.

So any thoughts, any help in making the decision I would appreciate!

I personally would buy a gigabyte aero 15x with a 4k display and 1070, but with shipping and taxes it'll come out more than I am willing to pay for a laptop at the moment.

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If you will always be able to access WIFI, I would suggest buying a low end laptop and using an app like AnyDesk to remote access your office workstation.  I do this a couple times a week and it works very well.  You could save up to $1,000 on your laptop that you could spend elsewhere.  However if you need to do significant work in Chief where you don't have internet access this would not be a good option.

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