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I am trying to repeat a very tedious task of making a 10mm by 10mm grid but it isn't an array copy or a repetitive fill. I'm actually putting the 10mm x 10mm box in different locations and with different patterns. 


This is a layout- 


Is there a way to copy a box (10mm x 10mm) and then do a precision paste and repeat the precision paste similar to the point to point move but by simply just clicking once I have the item on my clipboard over and over in different places? 


I'm on version X7 but can easily upgrade to X9 or later if this is functionality that is available in newer versions? I'm trying to create grid patterns for my client and will then turn this into a floor rendering for tile that I'm manufacturing.


Thank you!

2018-10-10_layout - Aluminum Cut out Reddymade 1mm = 1mm.pdf

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Yes, can do.

Set your Grid Snaps to 10mm and display it.

Set Primary Movement Method to Orthogonal.

Place 10mmx10mm solid filled Polygon in one of the grid squares.

select it...Copy/Past...Sticky Mode from the Edit toolbar.

Click and drag it from the center and it will snap to a grid.

You should restrict your copy/paste to orthogonal directions to make things easier.

Every time you place a square it will remain selected for another copy/paste.

You can turn the grid display off if you prefer.


For some of the rows and columns it may be quicker to use Multiple Copy in Sticky Mode and delete the ones you don't want.


New Image_145.jpg

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I see that there is a somewhat randomized panel grouping pattern in the example.  Is this consistent ? as it would take a little more precision to set that up.  However if it is consistent then maybe you could keep a template and just delete the tiles in the areas they are not wanted for each custom job.

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