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Hello C.A. Brianiacs,


Wondering if there is a way the ceiling height can be automatically adjusted when changing roof framing member sizing.


We are design/building a 2 1/2 story 2-unit multi family home (the owners of the GC company I work with has many rental properties). We are cutting it close to local code requirements in overall building/ridge height and the headroom  on the 1/2 story. We got some framing info back from our lumber yard. I went in to update the ridge beam size and rafter size for the gable dormers. I used the auto rebuild roofs option. It put in the larger ridge beam, but the ceiling height remained the same, so the ridge beam is actually sticking out below the finished ceiling. There are multiple rooms and partial rooms that are underneath this dormer (2 dormers, actually). It would get quite difficult or sticky for me to do this manually.



Attached is an image.

Capture_Ridge Beam below Ceiling.PNG

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Chief doesnt have a way to set a ceiling height based upon the depth of a beam.  Solver’s suggestion is prob the way to control that ceiling.


You may not be looking for design input, but with such a large ridge beam you might be better off embracing the visual and not look to conceal it.



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55 minutes ago, Anna_Gorres said:

Johnny, we are looking at wrapping the ceiling around the beam. Always appreciate design advice. :)

You can select your individual Roof planes and rebuild with new rafter specs within their respective dbx. instead of a auto rebuild all. If that doesn't work just post your .plan file and we will take a look

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