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i5baf746a1ba26_raytrace.thumb.jpg.4d9ffa32df10d7a6409493092b3f9458.jpgHi I have CA 10

My ray traces come out very dark can you give me some help.  I keep adjusting the sunlight but get the same result

I've attached an image. also how do I get the picture in full screen.  I've seen some great images in the gallery and they look fabulous.  I'm hoping to be able to achieve the same look with practice just need some guidance.  I've watched the help videos


Thanks n advance 


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Ran a quick test to confirm my suspicions.

For RT to work for an interior shot using the 3D slider you have to zoom in so that the background does not show in the window. I tried turning the sun off, added two light sources and adjusted the lighting in the RT dialog.

Attached are two images-one wide one showing closer in both with similar settings. Sun is turned off and turned all the way down in the RT dialog. Two interior light sources were added. I didn't mess with it more.

I only use PBR nowadays and that does not have the issue with using the 3D slider.



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Lighting in PBR and RT is also helped by ALWAYS building the Roof and the Foundation ( just a few button clicks on auto) even if only doing a small Reno like a Bathroom, where  you don't need the full house, it is just how CA works with lighting.


Light bleeding at wall/ceiling intersections and through Cabinets , under furniture etc are one symptom of not building them.


Check out the Let's PBR thread for more Info and some nice images posted by Graham today here :





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i appreciate all the solutions  you have given me  I know What RT is but what is PBR.. how do I turn off the sun . I did add a roof and foundation.. it gave me a light look but had a power surge and had to redo trace  now i still get dark..I have tried turning off the direct sunlight intensity in  RT editing turned off photon mapping turned off tone mapping.


Im at a loss I have been at this for several hours.  its probably someting really simple but im not getting it

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PBR is the new Light engine in Chief X10 ..not available in the Home Designer Products like Ray Trace.


Sun can be turned Off/ On/down/up etc in the Adjust Light Toolbar ( looks like a light bulb with a red + on it


some basic settings from early in the Lets PBR thread may help , set them in **your** Template Plan so you don't have to set them every Plan drawn.

Having 100 automatic lights and improve lighting quality checked usually help in PBR




Chief's two videos on PBR  ( Physical Based Rendering)







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51 minutes ago, decorators3 said:

so the program i have CA x 10 premier does not have that particular options... Im trying to make the most of  my RT in my current program..Ill keep at it anyway sooner or later it will come together- so very frustating at times




If you Have CA X10 Premier you have PBR


if you are using CA v10 then no, as it is a 10-12yr old program....    X10 is actually V20 (X being Roman numeral 10) and PBR was new this Year




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