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So I don't know what the heck is going on here. I'm using several PDFs on my layout (like I've done many time before) and for an unknown reason the line weight on the PDFs are really faint when I use the Chief Architect Save as PDF option to print. The Preview and the Layout both show the line weights on the PDFs at the correct weight. It's only when I save out the PDF that it goe faint. Nothing else on the drawings change. The weight for everything drawn in Chief is good. The PDFs themselves have the correct weight when you open them. It's ONLY when I'm saving out the PDF that the line weight gets reduced on ONLY the PDFs. 


See the photos below. They demonstrate what's happening.






Here's what I've tried already with no change:


-Run in in both black and white

-Save the PDFs to the Layout file

-Toggle line weight on Layout on/off

-Adjust DPI


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PDF's are a known problem in Chief but usually it is a display and performance issue and not a printing issue so it would be good if you could send this in to tech support.


However some potential workarounds would be converting the PDF's to .PNG or .DWG and importing that way.  


Also curious as to the source PDF's.  Are they Vector PDF's or have they been scanned or otherwise.

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I believe they are Vector PDFs. 


Perhaps that's the way to get it done? Get them compressed (reduced to image size and remove vector data) then maybe they'll show up as images instead of being displayed as vector files? I'll give it a shot. Don't have time for a tech support back and forth unfortunately. 


Thanks Chopsaw!

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PNGs still didn't work. The files just print faint. 


I had to convert the files to PNGs and then upload them to a photo editor to increase the contrast and reduce the brightness. Making it REALLY black and white. Downloaded those editted PNGs and replaced the bad ones in the set. 


I can call it solved. 


Thanks Chopsaw!

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