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  1. aHughJassDude

    Fast PC, Slow Chief Architect - Why???

    Max undos is set to 50. Does that play into it?
  2. aHughJassDude

    Fast PC, Slow Chief Architect - Why???

    So is it a question of workflow then? And do you also experience lag when working in the Layout? going from sheet to sheet? Sometime when I flip through sheets it can take up to 40 seconds to actually bring up one page versus another. Especially when that sheet has PDFs imported onto it. And I'm having to work in the layout primarily when doing corrections. These small delay can be frustrating when working against a deadline.
  3. aHughJassDude

    Fast PC, Slow Chief Architect - Why???

    It's primarily an issue with Layout files. They windows, printing and going from page to page. Importing PDFs does the most to lag the program. Calexpress Carwash.plan
  4. So I recently purchased a powerful PC with the hope that it would take care of the lag and slow response I typically got from my gaming laptop (CORE i7 with NVIDIA GTX and 16 GB of RAM). I was using both computers recently and noticed that I basically got no improvement. Pulling up the computer resources I discovered that (between X10 and X12, laptop or PC desktop) Chief Architect will not use anymore than 5-7GB of available RAM no matter how hard I push the program or how heavy the load. Instead, the program just slows down and won't utilize any of the additional 20GB of RAM or even available CPU. Turn on a video game and all of the sudden all of the resources are getting crazy utilized. How can FORCE Chief to use more of my computers resources to speed it up? Anyone else experiencing the same issue with their POWERFUL computers?
  5. aHughJassDude

    PDF Lineweight is Too Faint

    PNGs still didn't work. The files just print faint. I had to convert the files to PNGs and then upload them to a photo editor to increase the contrast and reduce the brightness. Making it REALLY black and white. Downloaded those editted PNGs and replaced the bad ones in the set. I can call it solved. Thanks Chopsaw!
  6. aHughJassDude

    PDF Lineweight is Too Faint

    I believe they are Vector PDFs. Perhaps that's the way to get it done? Get them compressed (reduced to image size and remove vector data) then maybe they'll show up as images instead of being displayed as vector files? I'll give it a shot. Don't have time for a tech support back and forth unfortunately. Thanks Chopsaw!
  7. aHughJassDude

    PDF Lineweight is Too Faint

    Ran it in black and white. No luck.
  8. aHughJassDude

    PDF Lineweight is Too Faint

    So I don't know what the heck is going on here. I'm using several PDFs on my layout (like I've done many time before) and for an unknown reason the line weight on the PDFs are really faint when I use the Chief Architect Save as PDF option to print. The Preview and the Layout both show the line weights on the PDFs at the correct weight. It's only when I save out the PDF that it goe faint. Nothing else on the drawings change. The weight for everything drawn in Chief is good. The PDFs themselves have the correct weight when you open them. It's ONLY when I'm saving out the PDF that the line weight gets reduced on ONLY the PDFs. See the photos below. They demonstrate what's happening. 1. 2. 3. Here's what I've tried already with no change: -Run in in both black and white -Save the PDFs to the Layout file -Toggle line weight on Layout on/off -Adjust DPI
  9. aHughJassDude

    Who are the top 10 Chief Architect User Experts?

    Is this Bob? https://www.youtube.com/user/dshall44 Learned a lot from this guy.