Ray trace problem x10

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Hi friends:


I have done a ray-trace for about 17 hours or so for 35 passes, but I am getting light behind the chair arm, which I don't know why?

Can any one help me to find out why I am getting this light behind the chair.

Software is X10




17 hrs raytrace.jpg

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That is a very long RT you must be using a very high Resolution and probably DPI too?  try them at low settings 1st  eg use 1980 for the 1st Picture size number and 110 DPI till you work out the Light Bleed Issues  then you should see something in 10-15 minutes max.... or set it for 15 passes


and from yesterday....



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The light bleed is related to the sun intensity and whether or not you have a roof and foundation with a floor. You can test this by just turning off the sun, set direct sun to 0 in the Ray Trace DBX, run another trace and it should be gone. If you want the sun then put a roof and foundation with a floor on your model, this will reduce the potential for light bleed. If there is still some bleeding then reduce the sun intensity.


There is something wrong in your pic size setting if it takes 17 hrs for 35 passes. Set the window size in the Ray Trace DBX to something like 1200 width, 600 height. If you have a reasonably decent computer you should get 35 passes in about 20 minutes. Note, the DPI setting has no effect if you set your window size in pixels, it is only applicable when you set the pic size in inches.

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