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Taking a wild swing for the fences.


Does Chief have the capacity to produce a lighting plan?


Something like a grid layout on a parking lot, with lumens at each point on the grid based on a specific light source?  I realize this is pretty esoteric, and I'm fairly surprised that this particular City still requires this, but maybe as Chief does so much high-level modeling with lighting sources, positions, etc. it can produce something similar.


Thank you ahead of time.

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Chief won't do it automatically. If the township needs a photometric plan, it's easiest (in Chief) to download the manufacturer's isoplots and hand-jamb it the old-fashioned way, but obviously you need to lock in the manufacturer, lamp type, output, spacing, mounting height, distribution, etc. As far as representing the lighting in 3D, you can only approximate things, but if you spend enough time you can get close. Here's a Lithonia KAD LED fixture with a Type III distribution, 4000K color temperature, 35 watts (4200 lumens) on a 10' pole:


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