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All. I have recently been approached by a Kitchen and Bath Designer to help her do some of her drawings/take-offs. Does anyone have any suggestions on an hourly rate or how to bid the project?


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It depends greatly on where you are and your skill level.

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It's a tough one to advise on. Only you know how much time and effort it took you to put those together. I've had similar situations to yours and it was very difficult and often impossible to come to an acceptable financial arrangement. What will be an acceptable charge to the other designer is going to be dependent upon what the other designer is charging and how much of that they are willing to share with you. Is the other designer only designing or are they also selling product to the client or receiving commission on any product sales? I worked in the past with a designer who also sold the cabinetry, as such I assisted in the front end design work and then would receive a percent of the commission on the sale. This of course was dependent upon the sale going through, if the client walked then all was lost.


There is a lot of time and skill involved in developing accurate detailed plans for kitchens and baths. There is really no room for errors and mistakes, cabinetry is expensive as is installer time. Everything needs to fit properly and it takes considerable effort to make sure those built-in appliances are going to fit precisely into the cabinets. The other issue is if something goes wrong, you make an error, then who's going to pay for the mistake. A custom cabinet for a built-in oven/micro unit could be worth $2,000, it will have to be reordered, the install will be disrupted and someone is going to have to eat it.


What I have found over the decades in this business is that everything is great until something goes wrong.

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 What is what you provide worth to the designer and ultimately the customer? 


If you are making the process:

- clearly and fully understood,

- designed to secure a permit,

- efficient and managed on-site,

then you bring negotiable value. 


No no one can tell you that price. That’s yours to figure out. 

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