{SOLVED} Ceiling material in PBR shown with black not-rendered triangles


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5 minutes ago, HumbleChief said:


Try removing the 3/4" knotty oak from the roof surface layer and just use the white T&G from the ceiling finish

Just tried your suggestion. Triangles still exist even if I remove all texture files from the cln'g mat'l. Maybe it has to do with insufficient lighting. I haven't dug in on this one yet but thought someone might save me the time if they had encountered something similar.

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10 minutes ago, TheKitchenAbode said:

I just took a quick look and I think it has something to do with the exterior top plates, the wall finish is not covering them and it looks like there is a gap up there.

I almost sent you a PM before I posted this b/c I figured you would have the solution; Of course as soon as I read your response I thought "DOH!, he's right," but alas, I manually dragged the walls up and the problem still exists. I agree that joinery would be my first assumption for this sort of thing, but it reminds me of a poly face issue I've had before. 

I guess I will have to dig into this one myself when I can find the patience :)

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2 minutes ago, HumbleChief said:

Wow that is stubborn. I can get the large triangle to go away a couple different ways, lowering the roof and changing the walls from balloon through ceiling to stop at ceiling, but that little triangle over the sink area persists.

You're the man, thank you for the effort. This plan is such a mess, I was in such a rush, saved me!

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