How do you do mirrors?


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    • By LeeDrafter
      I am working on an exterior ray trace, and I would like the windows to be slightly reflective instead of transparent. What is the right material and properties for this look? I tried to make the glass a mirror, but it turned out really dark in my ray trace. I attached a picture (not mine) that shows the look I am going for. 
      I am using Chief X12. 
      thank you!

    • By Designers_Edge
      I am doing an ADA master bathroom and have looked in vain in the Chief and manufacturers libraries and have not found a pivoting wall mirror symbol.  It does not matter the shape.  I could swear that there was one.  If anyone knows where one might be hidden, I would appreciate help with this.  Using X-13 for interiors.
      Thank you.

    • By GCCISarah
      Hi all,
      All mirrors from the catalog(s) that I am placing show a bright yellow cast and pixels on the reflective surface of the mirror itself. The mirror IS reflecting the room around it, but the bright yellow color and pixelation never resolves itself. The first photo is the 'Standard' camera view rendering technique, where the yellow is at its brightest. The second attachment is 'Physically Based' rendering technique, where the yellow is faded a bit.
      I had no problems in X10, but this issue has been in all of my plans so far using X11.  
      Any thoughts? The mirror material is set as a 'Mirror', with 100% reflection. I've not changed any defaults, preferences, or qualities about the mirror material or camera views that I could think would affect the reflective quality. Help appreciated.
    • By Cheryl_C_Crane
      On bended knee, I beg to find out why I can NO LONGER get reflections on mirrors. My library of Materials is up to date. Please note the little toolbar of buttons from the Cross Section Slider tools. Light are set to 100 and only 3 are on, there is a window in the WC. The White Frames have a material with Emissivity of 5 (Lamp Shade). I love PBR , sort of. 
      I'd appreciate your thoughts, ~Cheryl

    • By erinmulhern
      I can not get my mirrors to show reflections. The material properties are set to "mirror" and the camera is set to show reflections. I am in a 3d perspective view with standard rendering technique. Are there other settings that I need to change?