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I am doing kitchen designs for contractors and they have requested a simple layer set with cabinet specifications.  I have build my own layer set and isolated just walls, doors, windows, cabinets and labels but the text style is unclear regardless of the weight or size I use. In contrast to other programs they have worked with (20/20), my chief plans don’t seem to work for them. Does anyone know of a program that syncs with chief that I could use to provide clear cabinet specs? In other programs I have seen, the upper cabinets are lighter so bottoms can be seen. I have attached an example of the clear image my contractor had used previously vs my image from chief which is unreadable, even though I zoomed in and did a pdf of one small part of the kitchen.  




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2 hours ago, DaliaSassoon said:

the text style is unclear regardless of the weight or size I use.

I gave up 2020 some years ago, regularly get comments from contractors like- nobody gives us drawings as good as yours. Don't know what you are doing. You have far more control over everything in Chief than in 2020 (like those crowded dimensions). Post a plan, list the software version you are using, check the help, ref manual, and videos to understand settings. IF the problem is NOT font, text size, or color check the DPI settings when you print.

These are not my standard, just set this up as an example - changed label font, didn't bother to change dimension settings but you can match everything you need to.

ca plan.png

CA elev.png

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I agree, watching the training videos on cabinets is very helpful.  Also, the NKBA videos will be helpful in learning how to simplify the dimensioning. Everything in Chief is customizable.  

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