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Hi All,

I am trying to create a hole in a polyline solid.  I followed the directions on CA but get the error attached.  I am trying to make my pool scuppers look right by adding in a hole inside the scupper.


And on a side note, 3Dwarehouse has some neat things.  I always get tickled when I see those little water streams with the splash in the pool from the scuppers.  Great find at 3D warehouse.  But some things seem to be geared toward gaming, like finding a horse that had nothing to do with Roman warriors was a challenge, but I found a really nice one (pic also attached).


But any other free sources of good 3d objects?



front close.jpg

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A hole will only work if it is drawn in the same plane in which the original p-solid was drawn. IOW, if you drew the pool wall in plan view, then switched to an elevation view to draw the scupper holes, it won't work and you'll get that error.

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If you are using polysolids and they won't do what you want (you don't say exactly what tools you are using), maybe because they were drawn in different views, you may have success by converting them to Solids.

You should then be able to use the boolean operations to edit them. 

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