Traditional "French" roof structure


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Hi everybody.

That's me again :D:D 


I'm trying to achieve this kind of traditional roof structure.

having reduced trusses with beam sitting on it and then rafters. (hope you will understand what i mean ) .

I attach a picture of something very similar.


I'm sure people have asked before but i couldn't find it in the forum. Maybe I searched for wrong terms.


Hope you will be able to help me achieve this.


thank you all 



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Your Reduced Gable truss will likely have to be manually drawn with p-solids in elevation view, that can be converted to solids and exploded if necessary for material application for 3D rendering of wood grain patterns, or just left as p-solids for Construction Drawings.  The beams sitting on the rafters at mid span will need to be p-solids or you can edit a lookout to fill that purpose in a roof layer set to opening no material or insulation air gap. Auto Roof framing should give you the rafters you need.


Have a go at it and post your plan file if you get stuck.:)

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