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I am making an as-built model of my home to use as the basis for trying out some exterior design changes on the back of my house (patio, etc.).  My house has an uncommon rear elevation and roof plane on the back of the house and I'm having trouble duplicating it in Home Designer Suite 2019.  I've built the exterior walls and I'm looking for someone who can modify the design to match the current structure. I've spent about as much time as I'd like trying to figure it out and at this point, I'd like someone else to create the correct roof and send the file back to me so I can play around with different patio designs.  I'm am not concerned about or planning to change the interior walls.  I've attached a picture of the existing structure and a copy of my plan.  Please take a look and let me know if you can help.

Back Elevation Design v2.4 Help.plan

Back elevation pic 1.jpeg

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I think I probably did the same as Mark.

Draw a temporary wall from side to side across the back of the house to square it up.

Make the rear section No Roof over and build an auto roof over the front of the house.

Now turn off auto roofs and drag the rear hip roof down to cover the rear section of the house.

Don't worry about the shape while doing this.

Use the Break Line and Make Parallel tools (and dimensions for the correct eave overhang) to shape the roof plane around your rear walls.

There are probably many ways of doing this including setting things up so that it builds auto.

I think the above method would be one of the easier ways though.


New Image_68.jpg

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22 hours ago, Mark3D said:

this should get you started i would need more photos and info to get better, but it should give you the idea, i did it part auto roof and part manual roof

Back Elevation Design v2.4 Help Mark.plan

Mark3D - thanks so much for the help and quick turn around!  The model is very close to the actual dimensions.  Your file is really helpful and gets me off to a great start.


I tried to play around with the design but, unfortunately, I'm limited by the HD Suite version that I have.  As noted by Ibuttery, I don't have the manual roof tools. In lieu of a model, I marked up some jpeg pictures to represent the options I had hoped to model myself.  My goal is to create an outdoor living space around the back of the house.  The design should allow for coverage extending at least 12' from the back walls of the house that will provide space for an rectangular dining table and a separate sitting area with space for a couch, small table and 2-3 chairs.


I've attached .jpeg sketches of the different options I'd like to evaluate.  They are not exact requirements, so I'm open to interpretation.  I'm not even sure what I all of the sketches  out are possible from a real world design and building perspective so they may need modification to make them "work."  If you, or someone else has other ideas, I'm open to them, as well.  


I also attached the .plan file to which I've added 1) a room divider line to outline the propose patio area and 2) room divider lines to outline the covered walkway between the house and the garage, which also needs a roof.  One change that needs to be made to the attached .plan file before getting started is the height of the back wall of the house (farthest back facing the table/chairs) that sets the lowest roof line.  I'm not sure whether the wall height needs to be set or the roof pitch changed, but either way, the wall should be 10' to the connection with the wall and/or 9' to the bottom of the overhang/return (see attached pic showing measurements).


Take a look and let me know what you think. If you are open to helping me further, I sure would appreciate it.   PM me if you'd prefer to set up a fee arrangement.  




Option 1 - Single Gable .jpg

Option 2 - 2 Gables .jpg

Option 3 - 3 Angled Hip.jpg

Option 4 - Ext Roof Line + Gable.jpg

Option 5 - Shed + Gable.jpg

Back Elevation Design v2.4 Help Mark.plan

Back elevation pic 1.jpeg

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Have you considered Renting Pro for $49 Month ?  I think if you pay 12 mths ( consecutively) it becomes yours  though I think an upgrade from Suite is only $395 outright, ie they credit your Suite Purchase against Pro's cost, don't think that is an option if you Rent but you could ask....can't hurt....



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