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I am looking for a solution. I have CA X10. I am fairly new to the software.


I have a old house I am trying to replicate on a plan. The first floor has 2"x7.75" floor joists that are connected directly to the sill plate which is a wood block 5.75"W  x 7.75"H. 

The wood block sits on top of a 8" CMU foundation wall.


There is a porch outside with the joists connected directly to the sill as well, BUT, it has a double rim joist (2) 2"x7.75"


I tried 2 things:

1. I set the foundation to have a sill plate of 5.75"W  x 7.75"H. and the floor joists build on top of the sill.


Question 1: Can I tell the floor joists to build with the sill?


2. I set the foundation to have no sill and set the floor framing rim joist to 5.75"W  x 7.75"H.

This worked accept for 1 thing BUT: when I build the porch outside it has a rim joist of 5.75"W  x 7.75"H


Question 2: Can lock the framing for 1 or multiple rooms on a floor so when building new rooms on that floor they have different floor framing?


My solution is to set the foundation to have no sill, and manually place the sill on the foundation wall using a floor beam and build the floors.


Am I doing this all wrong or am I on the rite track?


Thank You!




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One setting that may help you out a bit is in Foundation Defaults :  "Hang 1st Floor Platform Inside Foundation Walls"  but you will likely still have some editing to do after that.


Also when posting detailed questions it really helps to include some screen shots and in situations like this the .plan file can be quite helpful as well.


Hang floor.JPG

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Yeah,  always helpful to post some screen shots and post the plan file.  Some of the old time helpers are lacking the energy to ferret out what you want so the easier you make it for them,  the more they will help.

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Chopsaw's large sill plate issue is similar to mine.  His seem to align perfectly with the foundation wall but ever since I finally got the Sill plate to show up as USED in layer display I have not been able to get the Foundation wall, the Sill plate and the Wall framing/Floor joists to line up.




The second issue is that the floor joists have a 2" x 6" notch to rest on the Sill plate. 




So far I have only discovered how to put Floor joists either on the Sill plate or Hanging in between the Foundation walls. Is there a way to

put a notch in the Floor joists to rest on the Sill plates.


Thanks for any help,







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